You can't be brave without motivation, and you can't climb without a mountain


Maybe life is a journey. Every person, every event and every beautiful scenery you meet during the journey may become

unforgettable in your life. Along the way, we cannot guess what kind of scenery we will meet, there is no omen where the

destination is, and the pace of progress cannot be stopped.


When you have seen the most beautiful scenery in the world, your heart will be washed into a blank, free and quiet, because it

 eases the restlessness in your heart; when you taste the best food, you will get the greatest satisfaction, because It fills your void. 

You heard the sound of your own heartbeat for the first time on the boundless seaside, and you felt a steady breath in the damp wind.

How nice it sounds, over and over again... You suddenly realize that you are still alive, and so real. This is the meaning of travel.

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