Introduction and characteristics of LED sensor lights


Introduction and characteristics of LED sensor lights

LED sensor lights have the following 8 advantages:

1. Environmental protection, no pollution

Traditional lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor. If the mercury vapor is broken, it will volatilize into the atmosphere. However,

 LED fluorescent lamps do not use mercury at all, and LED products do not contain lead, which has a protective effect on the environment. 

LED sensor lights are recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century.

2. Efficient conversion, reduce heat generation

Traditional lamps generate a lot of heat energy, while LED lamps convert all electrical energy into light energy, and will not waste power. 

And for documents, clothes will not fade.

3. Noisy and comfortable, no need to switch

LED induction lamps do not produce noise, which is the best choice for public places. Suitable for bathrooms, stairs and other occasions.

4. The light is soft and protects the eyes

Traditional lamps use alternating current, so there will be 100-120 strobes per second, and LED induction lamps will not strobe.

5. No UV rays, no mosquitoes

LED induction lamps do not generate ultraviolet rays, so there will not be many mosquitoes surrounding the light source like traditional lamps. 

The interior will become more clean and tidy.

6. The voltage can be adjusted from 80V to 265V

Traditional lamps are lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier, and cannot be lit when the voltage drops. 

And LED lamps can be lit within a certain range of voltage, and the brightness can be adjusted.

7. Save power, longer life

The power consumption of LED fluorescent induction lamps is less than one-third of that of traditional fluorescent lamps, 

and the lifespan is also 10 times that of traditional fluorescent lamps. It can be used for a long time without replacement, reducing labor costs. It is more suitable for occasions that are difficult to replace.

8. Consolidated and reliable, durable use.

Introduction and characteristics of LED sensor lights

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