Fire Drill Record

Last year, our company held a fire drill to improve the fire awareness of all employees, enhance the employees' ability to respond to emergencies and self-protection, so that each employee has a certain knowledge of fire protection. Eliminate fire hazards. Learn about firefighting knowledge and the use of firefighting equipment, and master firefighting escape skills and precautions.




1.The safety awareness of all project employees has been improved, and they have a better understanding of fire safety common sense. The ability to respond to emergencies has been improved. Most employees at the drill site can effectively organize and quickly respond to fire alarms. Most rescue team leaders can effectively organize the evacuation, alert and put into fire fighting operations of the team members. middle. There is a certain improvement in responding to emergencies in the future.

2. Before the drill, our company organized a fire prevention plan drill training to enable the on-site personnel to master certain fire protection knowledge, enhance the employees' ability to respond to emergencies and self-protection, and learn about fire protection knowledge and the use of fire-fighting equipment. Master fire escape skills and precautions. The project department vigorously promoted the importance of fire safety by putting up slogans.

3. During the exercise, the team cohesion of the employees has been sublimated. The organizational ability, command ability and emergency response ability of the emergency leading group have also been exercised. Basically achieved the purpose of fire drills.

In short, the first fire emergency drill held by the company in 20 years was successfully completed according to the well-planned drill plan, thus achieving the purpose of this emergency drill. This proves that fire alarm and personnel emergency evacuation procedures are feasible in our emergency plan. Through emergency drills, all employees of the company are familiar with the necessary emergency operations, which further enhances the awareness of prevention and the ability to escape and self-rescue in emergency situations.

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