Small bathroom, lighting is exquisite!


When arranging the lighting in the bathroom, it is not just a simple and sloppy installation of an energy-saving lamp. 

In addition to paying attention to its safety performance, bathroom lighting should also be considered

Light color, installation location and space size


Lighting should be dominated by warm light sources

Warm white light is easy to create a hazy, soft feeling, and it is also the most common warm light source.

It can make the bathroom feel neither cold nor dazzling, and the bathroom space will not be dim, which makes people feel relaxed.


Multiple light sources create atmosphere

First of all, bathrooms with large spaces can choose to install wall lamps to use indirect lighting to create a strong lighting effect. 

Install a downlight on the top of the toilet, bathtub and shower, so that every key part can have bright lights.

Make sure that the auxiliary lights can cover some of the darker and most needed places to avoid accidents.

 In addition, there is no need to install special ceiling lights, otherwise it will make people feel dazzling.


Secondly, the small area bathroom should install the lamps in the center of the ceiling, so that it can shine and give the space a sense of expansion.

 Large bathrooms can be fitted with downlights above the bidet and washbasin, and mirror headlights around the mirrors for an elegant and welcoming look.


In addition, lamps must have reliable waterproof and safety. The appearance shape and color can be selected according to your own interests and hobbies, 

but it must be coordinated with the overall layout.

Pay attention to the protection of lamps

The lighting in the bathroom should first pay attention to safety. The bathroom is a relatively humid space,

so it is necessary to choose lighting with different waterproof levels according to the dryness and humidity of the installation area.


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